Enjoying the novelty of the box phone booths

Enjoying the novelty of the box phone booths

Fast paced, busy, bursting with British culture – the few times I’ve been there have always left me wanting to go back for more. London is also one of my most extreme shallow-pocketing experiences – both with the lengths I went to stretching my euro and how it all went disastrously wrong! Continue reading


Paris: Land of the Ou-La-La!

On top of the Eiffel Tower

This photo got me some strange looks...

Having lived in Paris for a year, I’ll be doing a lot of posts about it for ShallowPockets, revealing my favourite haunts and lesser-known places to explore. The weekend my friend, Martin came to visit is the perfect adventure to start with as some friends of his were in Paris for their first time. Only staying for a day, the pair of us gave them a crash tour – I didn’t think it possible to squeeze so much out of a few hours, but we did it and on-the-cheap too! Continue reading

Montpellier: Pulls on your heartstrings, not your purse strings

Montpellier Side Street

One of the lovely side streets

One of the great things about having a lot of friends doing a gap year the same time you are, is that there are plenty of floors or couches (should you be so lucky) around the world to sleep on for nothing. One of the floors I found myself on was that of my good friend Sean’s, in Montpellier. This gorgeous city is a 3.5hr train ride from Paris to the warm south. I’d heard a lot of positive things about Montpellier before this and wasn’t disappointed. Here’s why: Continue reading

Prague’s Restaurants: Boar, Beer and Bargains.

Well-tasty beer

Some well-tasty beer

Both being avid carnivores, Czech cuisine was a mouth-watering experience. Beef Goulash with dumplings is a very popular dish, not to mention one which is well-tasty! For food fans, there are loads of traditional dishes, such as the larded boar I tell you about later on, that will have you salivating. Street Kiosks are dotted around the place selling deliciously greasy sausages which are equally guilt-filled, and comforting. Apple Strudel is a popular dessert, and rightly so as a good one is only fantastic (Roman Billy can tell you were to get one of the best ones around town for pittance on his Jewish Ghetto tour). All of this, and a wide variety of beers to boot; Jer being a fan of sampling different beers was spoiled for choice! Continue reading

Prague’s Attractions: Gothic Architecture, Grand Museums and Ghastly Ghouls!

Astronomical Clock, Old Town, Prague.

Astronomical Clock

While in Prague, we went on several walking tours and to a couple of museums. All of these were entertaining and even better: they were cheap! The free walking tour is a brilliant introduction to Prague. It brought us around Old Town, New Town, the Jewish Quarter and other interesting places. The Prague Royal Walk was good fun as our guide gave us loads of information we hadn’t read about before. All of tours I talk about meet to the left of the Astronomical Clock in Old Square. For this tour, look for people wearing yellow t-shirts and holding yellow umbrellas. The tour is at 11am and 2pm daily. You should get there 10mins early as they operate on a numbers basis and leave once they get the required amount. As it is a “free” tour, you don’t have to pay but it is expected that you tip your guide at the end. Check out their details on tripadvisor here: Prague Royal Walk Continue reading

Prague: Castles. Culture. Cheap.


Charles Bridge, Prague

Charles Bridge, Prague

When I learned “A-hoy” was “hello” in Czech (spelt “ahoj”), I was set on Prague. While I may have felt like a pirate whenever I said it (accompanied by a wink and a hearty arm swing), I failed overall as all the locals laughed whenever I greeted them. At least I tried…

Continue reading

Hello World!

While “Hello World” is the default post, it’s very appropriate.

Having returned to Dublin after a year-long Erasmus in Paris, I started my travel blog in the hopes of sharing my adventures with those who share my passion for discovery. Taking a long time to write every new post, as a strong believer of “killer over filler” content, I tried my best to encourage reader interaction. I did this by including interesting photos, providing useful links and injecting humour into my stories where appropriate.

As much as I love writing about my own experiences, being an avid traveller, I’m well aware I’m not the centre of the Universe. Curious and social by nature, I went in search of other travel blogs to read about other experiences – similar and considerably different – to my own. Much to my frustration, nearly all the blogs I enjoy reading don’t have comments enabled. I can’t ask about a location or inquire about the writer’s opinion on something or even just thank them for giving me a good read. It’s a virtual cul-de-sac which limits the very thing I wanted to expand by starting a travel blog: knowledge. Similarly, while my posts received a lot of “likes”, they got very few comments themselves despite my encouragement to readers, so I felt my own blog was like a one-way street.

This left a void. A large one at that. Not being one to sit around, in the spirit of discovery, I decided to move. So, here I am. Having snooped around WordPress for a the last while, users really seem to engage with one another here. It is because of this, that I will move my previous works (and post new ones here) and optimistically shout out once more “HELLO WORLD”. Hopefully this time, I’ll get a response and develop my blogging experience into a two-way system.

Looking forward to hearing from you all. All opinions welcome 🙂