Prague’s Restaurants: Boar, Beer and Bargains.

Well-tasty beer

Some well-tasty beer

Both being avid carnivores, Czech cuisine was a mouth-watering experience. Beef Goulash with dumplings is a very popular dish, not to mention one which is well-tasty! For food fans, there are loads of traditional dishes, such as the larded boar I tell you about later on, that will have you salivating. Street Kiosks are dotted around the place selling deliciously greasy sausages which are equally guilt-filled, and comforting. Apple Strudel is a popular dessert, and rightly so as a good one is only fantastic (Roman Billy can tell you were to get one of the best ones around town for pittance on his Jewish Ghetto tour). All of this, and a wide variety of beers to boot; Jer being a fan of sampling different beers was spoiled for choice!As we were trying to spend as little money as possible, we would go to Lidl every morning and buy breakfast, lunch and snacks such as fresh fruit and chocolate for the day. While walking around, we kept our eyes peeled for restaurants’ specials. If we found any particularly good ones, we’d photograph the restaurant’s sign and the street name so we could easily find it again.

Super-tasty-low-cost-alicious Restaurants:

Arriving very late on our first night, we grabbed some big, juicy sausages and chips from a street kiosk. Maybe it was the fact that we were tired, maybe it was that we hadn’t eaten in hours, or maybe they were actually just gloriously tasty! Whatever the reason, we were satisfied, despite the guilt about how greasy the meal was awhile later…

On Let’s Go Europe’s advice, we went to Kozička; an extraordinary underground, goat-themed restaurant. With cast-iron goat statues all over the walls, the place has a crazy, yet relaxed vibe to it. It’s mostly populated by Czechs, which is a testimony in itself. You’ll probably be given the Czech menu on arrival. Fear not! The awkward pointing and hopeless looks on our faces were enough to communicate that we needed the English one. Problem solved. For 190CZK (€7.80) each, I had a delicious plate of dumplings stuffed with spiced meat accompanied by spinach and some crispy fried onions, and Jer had a wonderful chilli goulash with a potato pancake. Not to be criticising my own meal, but his was tastier. There was a good selection of reasonably priced (and tasty) beer, as well as wine and spirits; a guy beside us casually drank several glasses of Absinth over the course of our meal. There was me thinking the Irish were hardcore drinkers! For an authentic Prague feel, definitely go to this restaurant. While their whole site is in Czech, you can still see its location on Google maps here: If you find yourself asking for directions, be warned: the word“Kozicka“ (or “Kozi” for short) means “Goat”, in Czech, “Kozi” is also slang for“breasts”. That’s a slap in the face waiting to happen!

A nice restaurant spread

Amazing burgers will arrive any second

La Belle Epoque is a pleasant bar/restaurant close to Charles Bridge. We got the daily special: a couple of succulent steak burgers for 99CZK (€4) each. Again, beer was a reasonable price hovering around the 45CZK (€1.90) for 5oomls. A side of chips each, which were brilliant, chucky things cost 49CZK (€2), pushing the bill to 216 CZK (€9) approx each, including tip. The service was spot-on, the staff were fun and the food was great so I’ve no complaints whatsoever. If I’ve managed to tempt you, find out more here:

A really great place that serves proper Czech food, which we found quite by chance is Restaurant V Melantrichu. You can find in on New Town’s main street, Václavské náměstí. When we were there, it was populated by locals so that automatically raised our opinions of it. The menu is full of all sorts of appealing native dishes, including the one we both went for: Larded Leg of Boar with caramelised chestnut and rosehip sauce and dumplings. We both knocked back a pint of cold, dark beer too. Delicious and very reasonably priced; under 250 CZK (€10) each, again, including tip. The website is all in Czech, but can be viewed using Google Translate. Check them out here.

The last place we ate at was another French named restaurant called A Propos. We stopped there due to the 99CZK (€4) Goulash they had on special. We were both happy with what we got. However, I ordered some apple strudel for dessert and was disappointed by it; the apple was very watery and flavourless. This being said, the waiters were lovely and didn’t mind when we asked for tap water – more euro-saving tactics! If you’re interested in going here, look at its menu below:

Bars and Pubcrawls:

Batalion, in New Town, is a comic-themed bar, and a good novelty for any comic fans like myself. Drinks are average main street price. Worth stopping in for the expereince! There is a hardcore pubcrawl in which the first hour is all-you-can drink. You go to several bars and clubs and finish up in Prague’s largest night club, with five-stores, Karlovy Lazne. As we didn’t go on it, I can’t say much about it but anyone we spoke to who did it, said it was a really great night that they wished they could remember! One thing I do know is that are discount deals available with the Royal Prague Tour and a “free” t-shirt is included in the price. There are other pubcrawls available around Prague. One leaves from the Iron Curtain so you could use your coupon (CHART!) to make the hangover a bit more justifiable.


The story continues around the bar

As always, I hope this has helped you shallow-pocketed travellers save some cash while providing tasty results. Bon appetite, or as they say in Prague “Dobrou chuť”.

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