About Me

Hello there,

I’m Lucy. This beauty is my travel blog. Being an expert (some may say a bit of an extremest) at travelling on the cheap, I want to share my euro-saving tips with anyone interested in broadening their horizons, but not their credit limit.

The Colosseum, Rome, Italy

The Colosseum: I’ve yet to find a photo that does it justice

At the moment, I’m a student studying Commerce and French.This lead me to spend a year in Paris; the city of lights! While I was living here, I scrapped enough funds to go explore some amazing cities such as Amsterdam, London, Modena, Berlin and Prague. Using a combination of research and experience, none of these trips broke the bank and I was all the better for having gone on them.

Sacre Coeur Carousel, Paris

Here I am enjoying the Carousel at the foot of the Sacre Coeur, Paris - there are some things you can never be too old for…

Even before this year abroad, motivated by Scout trips and general interest, I had spread my wings and visited countries such as Sweden, Poland, Norway, Spain, other French regions, Italy, Switzerland, the U.K. and Portugal. For the most part, I managed to stick to my low-cost plans but sadly, I also made some pretty impressive mistakes that cost me a bundle! I’ll be talking about both elements in my posts, sharing with you some handy “whats” and some major “what nots”.

London Phone Box

Enjoying the novelty of standing in a London phonebox - too broke to actually call anyone.

Having friends on various continents, I’ll also have the occasional guest post giving you advice on cheap and cheerful travel around Australia, America and Asia… and possibly more, should I sweet talk the others into writing articles for me!

East Side Gallery, Berlin

The amount of snow at the Berlin Wall really knocked me back!

In short, this blog will help you further your enjoyment of travel and go far on Shallowpockets

Fun Fair, Stockholm, Sweden

There’s nothing like a quick spin around Stockholm to put you in a good mood.

If you like what you see, please follow me on Twitter for regular updates, and a bit of a chat if you’re so inclined. I won’t bite… promise. Also, should you be interesting in fine cooking, my dad has a great blog up and running so check him out too. 😀


One thought on “About Me

  1. Great blog! It’s nice to see how you managed to travel on the cheap so that others will also learn from your experience. Traveling is a good investment in your development and maturity as a person. It will definitely serve you well into career life as you dig into earlier experiences. Go on, travel and blog about the experience 😉

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