Berlin: Sensational Sausages, Brilliant Beer, Craicin’ Culture

On of many cool painting on the East Side Gallery wall

Thumbs up for Berlin

With Winter exams fast approaching, my friends and I took procrastination to a whole new level: 4 DAY BERLIN TRIP! Despite looming tests , the amazing Christmas markets, fascinating museums and other cool sights took priority. Continue reading


Romantic Rendez-Vous in Paris

Carousel at Sacre Coeur

We had to race to ahead of the children to get the spinning cups - totally worth it!

I have many fond memories of Paris but the weekend my boyfriend came over is one of my warmer ones. While I’m always aware of how beautiful Paris is, I find it’s even more so when with the one I love (probably because I’m not resenting any happy couples like I did when by my lonesome). So lovebirds, hitch your cupid arrows to your backs and prepare for a post full of sweet (and cheesy) things to do in the City of Love.

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Prague’s Restaurants: Boar, Beer and Bargains.

Well-tasty beer

Some well-tasty beer

Both being avid carnivores, Czech cuisine was a mouth-watering experience. Beef Goulash with dumplings is a very popular dish, not to mention one which is well-tasty! For food fans, there are loads of traditional dishes, such as the larded boar I tell you about later on, that will have you salivating. Street Kiosks are dotted around the place selling deliciously greasy sausages which are equally guilt-filled, and comforting. Apple Strudel is a popular dessert, and rightly so as a good one is only fantastic (Roman Billy can tell you were to get one of the best ones around town for pittance on his Jewish Ghetto tour). All of this, and a wide variety of beers to boot; Jer being a fan of sampling different beers was spoiled for choice! Continue reading