Hello World!

While “Hello World” is the default post, it’s very appropriate.

Having returned to Dublin after a year-long Erasmus in Paris, I started my travel blog in the hopes of sharing my adventures with those who share my passion for discovery. Taking a long time to write every new post, as a strong believer of “killer over filler” content, I tried my best to encourage reader interaction. I did this by including interesting photos, providing useful links and injecting humour into my stories where appropriate.

As much as I love writing about my own experiences, being an avid traveller, I’m well aware I’m not the centre of the Universe. Curious and social by nature, I went in search of other travel blogs to read about other experiences – similar and considerably different – to my own. Much to my frustration, nearly all the blogs I enjoy reading don’t have comments enabled. I can’t ask about a location or inquire about the writer’s opinion on something or even just thank them for giving me a good read. It’s a virtual cul-de-sac which limits the very thing I wanted to expand by starting a travel blog: knowledge. Similarly, while my posts received a lot of “likes”, they got very few comments themselves despite my encouragement to readers, so I felt my own blog was like a one-way street.

This left a void. A large one at that. Not being one to sit around, in the spirit of discovery, I decided to move. So, here I am. Having snooped around WordPress for a the last while, users really seem to engage with one another here. It is because of this, that I will move my previous works (and post new ones here) and optimistically shout out once more “HELLO WORLD”. Hopefully this time, I’ll get a response and develop my blogging experience into a two-way system.

Looking forward to hearing from you all. All opinions welcome 🙂